Walking the Path of Destiny

The road to a higher consciousness can only be paved with people on their path of purpose.

We must sing the song in our soul now, so we don’t die with the music still in us.  It’s time for us to awaken to the Truth of who we are, stop being busy being busy, and listen to hear the song within.

Then, we can set that song to music and get moving and grooving, even dancing through all of life’s changes, challenges, and decisions.
This is how we walk the path of DESTINY.   By learning to listen, step, listen, step, again and again as we dance with the Divine through our LIFE.

The path to Destiny is not for the faint of heart, but for the FAITHFUL of heart, who know there is something greater than them guiding their journey.

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Michelle L. Casto AKA Bright Michelle is a woman on a mission.
Throughout her 20-year career, this powerhouse of personal transformation has been known as a spiritual teacher, author, healer, Guru, Soul Coach, consciousness shifter, Lightworker, and overall “Bright Light.”  An author of over 30 life empowerment books, her first book Destined For Love: A Step by Step Guide to Attracting Your Soul Mate was featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine in 1999.  A former university Lecturer in career development, and author of the book Get Your Career on the Fast Track, Michelle has worked with thousands of international clientel to find their ideal career path. These days, Michelle’s mission is to awaken people to their life purpose through her unique Destiny Success Process. Her book The Destiny Discovery: Find Your Soul’s Path to Success is coming to Amazon on January 17th, 2012.