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The Destiny Discovery:  Find Your Soul’s Path to Success Reviewed by Trevor Mayes by

The basis of this self-help book is a mixture of a belief in, or relationship with, a God or Spirit and
oneself. The introduction entitled ‘from the author’ explains and clarifies the wording used in
describing these principles so they can be interchanged by people who believe in either concept, and
the reader is invited to ‘use the words that resonate for you’. As a result, both religious and spiritual
people will find this book comfortable to read.

While ‘The Destiny Discovery’ is based upon a firm belief of a Divine Being the creator of all that is,
Michelle advocates that fulfilling ones destiny is based upon a partnership with our maker. The book
dispels the notion that what happens to us is preordained, but that we are able to take control and
determine our future in a ‘co-creative’ manner. Therefore, personal growth has to be combined with
spiritual growth and guidance if we are to achieve our full potential.

In practical terms, Michelle advocates there are four stages of consciousness on the journey to
oneness. These are fully explained in ‘Four Levels of Human Consciousness’ that of Victim, Victor,
Vehicle and Vessel, these are matched to a process starting with Beginner – Survival mode, Student
-Stress mode, Scholar – Spiritual mode, and Master – Oneness. Together with explanatory notes,
questionnaires, enlightenment, and exercises to discover where you at on the ladder at this moment
in time and help you find your souls purpose.

In ‘The Hero’s Way’, there is a description of the many the fears and doubts we may have about
ourselves on our journey, with detailed methods of combating the obstacles that lay in our path
when things go wrong. It makes the point that in despair, one of the most difficult things to deal
with is our own negativity towards ourselves and being able to ask for help is a strength takes
courage rather than a sign of weakness.

Over a hundred pages of this book explain the ‘Destiny Discovery Process’ of Awakening, Awareness,
Acceptance, Articulation, Action, and Allowance. These stages are explained in detail together
with journal entries, self-coaching exercises, affirmations and enlightenment. Briefly, this process
is dependent on the ability to accept personal change and remove past pre-programmed and
subconscious ways of doings things that lead to the same old result. Learning new ways to overcome
life’s difficulties and achieve ones destiny is based upon liberation, identifying purpose and meaning,
empowerment and action with guidance to help you stay or get back on your true path to oneness.

The book is easy and enjoyable reading; all the concepts and processes are fully explained and easy
to understand. The book as a life coaching process is itself well laid out and a logical progression that
links spiritual and personal growth from start to finish helping us develop what could be described as
spiritual intelligence. It strikes a balance between going for our dreams but at the same time is well
grounded in dealing with reality and the stresses of everyday life, moreover, once on track it helps
you to go with the flow and ultimately succeed in life with ease.

The book is based upon Michelle’s personal experience and how this method has worked for her, so
if your life feels like a car crash then this book is definitely for you! Highly recommended.

Note from Michelle:  I really liked Trevor’s review…it captured the book beautifully.  I would also love to hear 
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