Transformational Thinking: You can Change Anytime You Choose.

“You are the cause and the cure of your life experiences.” —Michelle L. Casto

You are not what has happened to  you, you choose who you become.  You choose the interpretation of everything that happens to you, and thus become, as it were, “the author of your own success story.”

At any moment of any day, you can change what you’re thinking about and thus, change who you are and where you are going.
Truly, transformation begins with a change of heart and the introduction of a new thought into your mind.

To begin the process of life transformation, consider the area of life that is giving you the most
and  generating the least desired results.  Once you have identified and accepted that this is
an area you would like to change or upgrade, you can then move into a simple process that actually
works to bring about  positive improvement.

Follow the examples of others who have used the power of thoughts to ocercome tremendous obstacles in life, Oprah Winfrey, Abraham Lincoln, Dale Carnegie, Martin Luther King, and other people who were against all odds, who rose above their circumstances and chose the destiny they wanted to be a part of.

Keep in mind that everything you see on the outside is the direct reflection of what is going on inside.
This applies to every person you come into contact, including how you treat yourself.  (Wow!)

We have heard time again in the best self-help literature, that thoughts becomes things.  So let’s once again look at this and see how you can being envisioning the success and happiness you want now by directing your IAM presence to the experiencces you would like to have.   Here is a simple process you can walk yourself through that will empower you right away.

Envisioning Change Process
What do I want in my life, relationship or business?

Who do I need to be to create this?

What must I release/let go of?

What do I say “no more” or “no thanks” to?

What must I allow/let in?

What do I now say a hearty YES to?

Am I willing to be transformed to live a life of more passion, purpose and possibility?

If yes, then say, Yes I can. Yes I will. Yes I am.

Now drop down into your heart and with loving gratitude ask to be shown a symbol of power, something that reminds you of
your strength, beauty and wisdom.

Write down what this symbol means to you, and “activate it” whenever you get caught in a downward spiral of doubt or disbelief that you an have what you want.

Ask, what is my next best step?

Commit to taking that step.

Get the support you need to succeed, with a mentor or coach.

Michelle L. Casto AKA Bright Michelle is a woman on a mission to inspire you to discover the Truth of who you are so you can freely shine your brightest light. Whether you are changing careers, making a major life transition, or seeking more meaning from life, you can benefit from the support of an experienced mentor to assist you with navigating the tough spots of walking your highest Destiny. Michelle has worked with thousands of international clientele to find their ideal career path, expertly blending human psychology, spirituality, and the science of success into a powerful formula for personal transformation. Her proven Destiny Success Process (Awake-Shift-Shine-Succeed) empowers people to grow beyond victim mentality and shows them how to be conscious creators of their life. A prolific author of 30+ life transformation products, her latest book, is The Destiny Discovery: Find Your Soul’s Path to Success.

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