The Four Levels of Your Purpose

Great to see you again….let’s complete our idea about “false purpose”

Four Levels of Purpose:
Default: This level reflects the relationships or jobs that you “fall into” with little conscious choice.
Pseudo: This level looks deceptively like you are on purpose but your Soul is probably not engaged, and you do it more for external motivations than internal inspirations.
Personality: This level reflects who you are as a human personality, and you may have success with it, but there is still room for more Soul.

Soul Purpose/Destiny: This level brings all of who you are–body, mind, and spirit into the equation. You feel called and bravely follow this path even though you are not sure where it leads. We have choice. We can “default” into “false purposes” based in the ego or lead our life from our true purpose which originates in our soul.

Keep in mind, when there is “efforting” there is falseness. Where there is allowance, there is grace.
And being able to discern the difference between the lower paths and your highest path is essential to succeeding in a truly Great Way.

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