Praise For the Book

Praise for the Destiny Discovery

Michelle Casto is a rare and beautiful light who has written a truly empowering book.  In The Destiny Discovery, she lays out her system for walking the path of destiny that will truly enlighten those ready to step up into higher consciousness.

—Michele Blood
Best-selling Author & Motivational Speaker

Even the ANGELS are singing praises for this book:

“This book is a pivotal and integral piece in leading the way to a loving, soul based reality.  The decision is now. Choose to follow your destiny, or continue to stay trapped in the illusion of fear. The answers you are seeking will be revealed in this book. Michelle, you are a rainbow of light!!” —Channeled from the Angelic Realm by www.Suzie

Michelle L. Casto is one of the brightest lights in the shift of consciousness movement and her book, The Destiny Discovery will get you on your path of purpose.
—John Harricharan, Best-Selling Author, When You Can Walk on Water, Take the Boat

Michelle is a woman of passion and soul. Her book, The Destiny Discovery and her work, are true works from the heart. If you wish to align with your Soul and direct your destiny,  she is an excellent guide!
—Nan Akasha
#1 bestselling author of Already Rich



The Destiny Discovery will show you the way to your true path in life and have you feeling anything is possible.
—Jillian Coleman Wheeler, Co-Author with Joe Vitale

I felt like you were right there with me as I read it. There is so much energy wrapped up in every page. The Destiny Discovery is truly fantastic!  I am getting several copies for good friends.-–Lisa Hedgecoth, Business Executive for the Health Industry

The Destiny Discovery is a life-changing book that explains the psychology and the practicality of living the life of your dreams.
Michelle Casto is an expert guide for readers as they discover their true path. Highly recommended for those seekers ready to “find.”

—Debi Berndt,
Author Let Love In and Love Mindset Expert

Michelle is a true champion of the human spirit.  Reading The Destiny Discovery is like having a personal cheerleader
and friend gently guiding you to look within to discover your own heartfelt destiny.
—Denise Perez, Entrepreneur


Michelle Casto is truly enlightened and has the profound benefit of being tapped into the Divine for her messages and her insight.
—LeeAnn Taylor, Actress and Author of The Fragile Face of God


The Destiny Discovery is a brilliant book from beginning to end.—Susan Davis


A brilliant, powerful and impactful work written by a woman with a great heart and a depth of soul. —Kelly Thomas, energy healer

A transformational book that has power, potentcy, and positive impact, just like the author, Michelle Casto.
—James Frame, Graphic Designer

This book is an inspiring practical way to walk yourself through a process to get closer to living your destiny. —Cynthia Phelps, Ph.D.

If 2012 presents to you the kind of uncertainties and changes that are unsettling, then seek your answers in Michelle Casto’s The Destiny Discovery:  Find Your Soul’s Path to Success.  This compelling book gives you the tools to navigate the changes with ease and the keys to empowering yourself for a life of success, joy and abundance. Don’t start this tranformational year without it!  –Jackie Lapin, author of the international bestseller Practical Conscious Creation: Daily Techniques to Manifest Your Desire

In Discover Your Destiny, Michelle Casto lays a map of personal development out beautifully for you. She makes it easy to follow the bread crumbs to awaken your soul and BE the love that you are. —Lynnet Mckenzie, Energy healer

If you truly want to discover your purpose and passion in life, then I highly recommend Michelle Casto’s book, The Destiny Discovery.  Michelle takes what could be a complicated and difficult thing to do and makes it simple and easy. The exercises are fun, eye opening and will help you quickly and efficiently get to the core of the issue at hand.
—Harry E. Shade, Life Coach

Reading The Destiny Discovery was like taking a personal growth course and provided the insight and illumination I needed to see my true path in life.  Loved it!
—Rhonda Amos, Teacher and Mother of 3

The Destiny Discovery is a treasure trove of insight and guidance for those who want to find the path that leads to your happiness and fulfillment. The book will change your life for the better, if you allow it.  —Sage Lavine, Spiritual Business Coach