Know Your No so the Universe Can Bring You Your Yes, Yes, Yes

Know Your No So You Can Receive Your Yes

To truly express Self-Love in your work, you must first know your NO, so Life can give you your Yes, Yes, Yes!

This often involves Change.

You have to love and honor yourself enough to stop temporizing (putting off) what you know you need to change or upgrade in your work/life situation.

Say Yes to your Self.
Yes to Love.  Yes to Life. Yes to Wisdom. Yes to Others.  Yes to Learning.

The soul loves to stretch, so let it.

Realize that all things serve to spur the evolution of your soul.

Love most definitely involves growth—Personal growth as well as the growth of our mastery of our work (which takes FAT: focus, attention, time).   It’s been 20 years since I first stepped on this sacred path, and I am still growing in my mastery.

The essence of loving another human being, ourselves, or our purpose is to be dedicated to growth, and to find ways to actualize our highest potential in all of our relationships.

And we accept this because we love.

Wherever you are on the path to Living your Purpose, know that bringing more love to where you are right now, brings you closer to fulfilling your destiny.

Because love is a creative and healing force, any time you Love yourself more, you are radiating that positive energy to others, and ultimately, “doing the work of the Light.”

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