Imagine a “No Complaints Reality”–How Awesome Would That Be!

You are invited to Join the “No Complaint Lent”……its a free challenge and happening on my Facebook fan page. 
with myself and many others as we commit to replacing complaining with blessing and expressing gratitude.
Here are some success tips for everyone :
-Focus on one area in particular where you do your biggest complaining.
-Wear a rubber band or hairband on your wrist and snap it whenever you go into “complain mode”  
( a gentle but firm reminder to stay on track)

-Say “I am in” so we know who you are and can support you ;)
-Mark your calendar til March 30, set daily reminders to be grateful and
“speak only that which you wish to be true”, 
-Repeat our mantra (esp when you want to complain)
“Thank you for everything, I have no complaints whatsoever”
-Tell a friend who will help hold you accountable
-Write out your intention (example below)

I, Michelle Lynn Casto, vow to give up complaining about my primary relationship. I powerfully choose to focus on what is working, and give thanks and gratitude for all that comes my way. I have no complaints whatsoever. This will give me renewed energy, more happiness, inner peace, a sense of relaxation, receptivity and a lot more fun,  with opportunities for true connection.
-Share your wins and challenges here on this page (
-Since complaining originates from the energy of anger……you must also deal with the emotional piece, so find ways to express your irritation or upset in healthier, more active ways: extra exercise, breathing, walking, etc.
-If you want extra coaching support, let me know!

To join in, “like” my fanpage and start sharing what you learn along the way to a No Complaint Reality.

I believe this commitment to being your word about “no complaining” and speaking with more positivity and compassion will change many things for the better in your life.

Michelle L. Casto AKA Bright Michelle is a woman on a mission to inspire you to discover the Truth of who you are so you can freely shine your brightest light. Whether you are changing careers, making a major life transition, or seeking more meaning from life, you can benefit from the support of an experienced mentor to assist you with navigating the tough spots of walking your highest Destiny. Michelle has worked with thousands of international clientele to find their ideal career path, expertly blending human psychology, spirituality, and the science of success into a powerful formula for personal transformation. Her proven Destiny Success Process (Awake-Shift-Shine-Succeed) empowers people to grow beyond victim mentality and shows them how to be conscious creators of their life. A prolific author of 30+ life transformation products, her latest book, is The Destiny Discovery: Find Your Soul’s Path to Success.

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  1. Jim says:

    Hi Bright Light Michelle,

    If one’s current reality is not what one desires, how is one to view it so that complaints stop – don’t even come up? I’m sure you’re not suggesting denial of current reality. How does one get clear on what one truly desires in their heart and their life purpose when there has been nothing that sticks out as something one is really passionate about?

  2. That is such a great question Jim. I have found the best way is through a heart to heart conversation with an expert, someone who can listen for what is “not said” and for the clues that comes from the heart. I will admit this is the ultimate test of “self-mastery” to see what reality is, accept it, and then CHOOSE to create something that is more aligned with your Purpose. This is what I do as a Destiny Mentor. If I can help you in anyway, please reach out. A good place to start is a Destiny Discovery Session or by reading my book The Destiny Discovery: Find Your Soul’s Path to Success. I know you can have a more soul-satisfying life, Jim. With much gratitude, Michelle