How Can We Discover Our Ultimate Destiny in 2012?

11 Destiny Mentors Answer this Question on this FREE TELE-Event:  Jan 10-12, 2012
All around the world, people are speculating about what lies ahead for us in the year
2012. Many people believe there is a “shift” in global consciousness coming up next year
that will help us enter into a new era of greater awareness and alignment with our true
purpose in life.

Whether or not we believe in the “2012 prophecy”, surely we can see visible
changes happening all around us. We need only look at the nightly news to see how
many social and economic transformations are already underway around the world. But
where is it all taking us? And what role does each of us play in this “Brave New World”?

How do we ensure this shift will take us forward, to a better place, where we bring
more value, wisdom and purpose not only into our own lives, but also into the lives of
everyone around us? In other words:

What Is Our Ultimate Destiny?

Well that is precisely what author and Destiny Mentor, Michelle L. Casto along with a panel of 9 other distinguished speakers, will be discussing on the:
Discover Your Divine Destiny Telesummit
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Over the course of 3 days, we’ll be exploring the journey of AWAKENING, to the path of destiny, FINDING the path of true destiny, and (because we all need to look at the practical side of things as well) SUCCEEDING on the path of destiny.

Here’s our wonderful guest line-up:

Michelle L. Casto – Life & Business Coach; Purpose Guide; author of The DestinyDiscovery

Lynn Serafinn – Coach; marketer; author of The 7 Graces of Marketing and The Garden of the Soul

Christine Kloser – award-winning author; mentor to transformational authors and conscious entrepreneurs

Paul Zelizer – business success coach for spiritual people

Brenda McIntyre – healer, business coach, spiritual mentor and award-winning singer

Dee Wallace – acclaimed Hollywood actress, acting coach, internationally known healer, author of Bright Light

Dr. Roy Martina – world-renowned holistic medical doctor, author of #1 bestseller Emotional Balance: the path to inner peace and harmony, and 40 other books

Nan Akasha – CHT Mind over Money Coach, #1 bestselling author of Already Rich! Secrets to Master Your Money Mind.

Eva Gregory – master coach, conscious channel, speaker and author

Jackie Lapin – speaker, coach, transformational business consultant and mentor in Practical Conscious Creation

Gail Goodwin – Founder of, providing free inspiration from world-renowned luminaries every day to members in more than 120 countries

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