Ultimate Destiny Discovery Home Study Now Available

If you do not discover what your unique path to destiny is, you will  unknowingly set yourself up for settling  for less than your heart’s desires, and may even experience a lifetime of  aimless-ness and “looking for yourself where you are not.”  You will never feel like the whole, complete, and confident human being you were meant to be.

The good news is you don’t have to settle for a default reality, and in fact, because you are reading this post, you may be receiving a sign that you  ready  to discover your destiny.  To live a life of destiny is to have the experience that what you stand for, what you say and what you do comes through you.  It’s about being committed to a cause, change, or solution that the world needs.

If you think that I am talking about being famous, getting a high paying job or living a life of luxury, you would be mis-taken.  In truth, I am speaking about answering the call that is in your Soul—to become a contribution and to share the gifts that you have with other human beings.

Your destiny isn’t something you can plan out.  It cannot be  found with analysis, which is why most people miss it entirely.  Rather, your Destiny is within you, waiting to be uncovered, like a treasure chest.  Destiny lives in your heart and is the “pearl of great price”.

Living your destiny is about living an inspired life, following grace and Divine Guidance in a step-by-step; moment by moment dance of continuous self-discovery.

Here are Three Keys to Discover Your Destiny

You cannot find what you are looking for in the world around you (only clues).  In order to discover your destiny, you must seek guidance from the Divine every single day.  You can do this through asking questions, prayer, or journal writing.

There are so many things pulling at us and distracting us. We often allow those things to get in the way and the result is our vision can and our  “heart listening” can get blocked.  We must become still and dig deep until we find what we are looking for.

With the right information and support, you can discover your destiny.  When you know the right questions to ask, and are walked through meditations and visualizations, you will see what you need to see.  Once you “see” you can easily take the next step.

For you to easily accomplish this heroic task of deeply knowing and honoring yourself,  don’t ask, “Do  I have what it takes?  Ask instead,  “Am I ready to Do what it takes?”

Don’t put your destiny off any longer…become a seeker who finds.  My new program has been road-tested and proven by thousands of people already, and will help you discover the destiny that is waiting for you.

Find out what Discover My Destiny Now home study program can do for you and realize your Destiny right away.
This highly experiential program will help guide you through  a six stage self-discovery process and:

1) Help you gain clear vision of your destiny,
2) Provide confirmation of your destiny,
3) Assist you taking inspired action steps,
4) Provide resources and support to empower you to be persistent in your quest,
5) Guide you to evaluate, adjust, and refine your steps
6) Grow your self-awareness and enhance your intuitive abilities.

Don’t be a victim of the Law of Diminishing Intent which states “The longer you wait to do something you know you should do now; the greater the chance you’ll never actually do it.”

This is your chance to gain access to this system at a fraction of my personal mentoring PLUS have access to a private group to receive support….. for a very affordable price. I haven’t even touched on the value of each bonus or masterminding with the other participants! Why am I doing this?  I want to help as many people discover their destiny in 2012 as possible.

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