Guest Blog with Sheila Applegage

I am honored to share with you a Destiny Discoverer “inside-scoop” interview, with Intuitive and Spiritual Teacher, Sheila Applegate.

Q:  Can you give us a brief overview of  Enchanted One: The Portal To Love?

A:  In Enchanted One, I provide readers with a guide to embracing love in every moment.  It gently reopens and reconnects readers’ hearts with their minds and encourages surrender as they delve more deeply into their heart center to explore emotions.  Enchanted One supports the highest expression as readers find themselves resting in Divine Love.  In this space you will remember that you are a beautiful reflection of Divine Love on earth.”

In  this book, I offer a message of love that weaves together channeled messages from the vibrations of Isis and Magdalene, with my own personal experiences of embracing the full spectrum of emotions as a gateway to living in harmony with All That Is.

Turning to the Divine Feminine, the essence of which has always been with us, to offer guidance, I channel the spirit of Magdalene and Isis with an open heart and weave together teachings from these two beautiful and loving Goddesses.

Whether you are beginning your journey of exploring emotions and living in unconditional love, or you have journeyed deep within your soul and are on the verge of fully integrating Divine Love into every aspect of your life, this book will meet you where you are and gently guide you to the next level.
Q: You say that you weave together, channeled messages from Isis and Magdalene. Can You explain a little about what you mean by this?

A: To me, the term “channeling” is best described with the metaphor of a television.  We all know that television shows are constantly running through our airwaves whether we are tuning in or not.  Once we turn the TV on, we have a choice of what channel we will tune into.  Tuning into one does not stop the other broadcasts from existing; they are just simply not in our awareness at that particular time.

Similarly, when I tune into Spirit, there are various levels, or “channels,” through which I experience the messages.  In its simplest form, this is best described as inspiration, creativity, or intuition.  I simply allow myself to open my own knowing and, in surrender, allow God’s grace to flow through me.  My experience and understanding is easily expressed from this place of higher consciousness.  I am fully aligned with my Spirit and focused on my intentions with an open heart.  This is the level that I strive to live from in my daily life so the vibration when I am speaking from this state is very similar to me simply talking in a casual conversation.  You could say I am ‘in the Zone’ at this level of surrender.  It is my intention to live from a space where this is my natural state.

As I surrender deeper, I begin to hear and see the spiritual realm of angels and ascended masters that are here to assist us.  This is where the metaphor of the television really comes into play.  There is so much more in existence than what we see and hear with our physical senses.  Even in the simplest terms we know that animals hear  sounds that we cannot hear.  Basic science has proven energy fields exist that we are not aware of with our five senses.  In this state I simply ‘change the channel’ to tune into the vibrations that are not commonly recognized by our lower senses.  We all have the ability to see, hear or sense beyond our common senses.

When I begin to move to an even deeper level of surrender with the Ascended Masters that I journey closest with, I completely give myself over as a pure vessel for ascended master teachers to use in order to get their message to the world.  This is the vibration that I was in when I brought through the messages from Magdalene and Isis in Enchanted One.

These messages that I offer in Enchanted One are of Divine love, Unconditional Love, Universal Love.  The message is beyond the language.  In order for us to support and guide each other on our spiritual paths to that space of fully living in the remembrance our Union with God we must use language.  I use the words that bring me clearest understanding.  I use the stories of ascension that are most familiar to me.  I tap into the vibrations of Love that resonate most closely to me.  Whether through Isis or Magdalene or simply love itself, then, I ask that you open your heart to receive the message of Love that exists beyond language and names.
Q:  When did you realize you had a gift of communicating with Spirit?

A:  I would say that the most defining event in my early years was the bombing of Pan Am Flight 103 over Lockerbie, Scotland. I was a Syracuse University exchange Student in London the semester leading up to that tragedy.  Many of my friends and most of my fellow students were on the plane that went down just before Christmas.

I can still vividly recall the moment I heard about the bombing of Flight 103.  Then later, when my family from the states called to read me the list of people who had gone down with the flight … as I heard name after name … face after face flashed through my memory as my brain tried to fathom the depth of loss.  This was the breaking open of my heart and a journey into grief that would, with time, act as a gateway to my understanding of Spirit, Life After Death and My Oneness with All That Is.

A few weeks later, while attending a memorial service for my friend Lindsey in Baltimore I had my first experience of communicating with Spirit. I was staying with Lindsey’s family. They of course were anxious to hear about the last six months of her life as back then overseas communication was limited so they knew very little about her last moments on earth. After an evening of sharing memories with them… being in a sense the voice of their daughter/sister, I said good night. Shortly after sliding into the bed, in that dreamy state just before sleep, I was startled by a vision of Lindsey sitting on the bed with me. This was my first experience seeing and hearing a loved one after death. I was of course a bit uneasy at first but her love and friendship soothed me. She shared with me a message she needed her family to hear and in the morning I told her family about the experience. They were both open and grateful to hear of her peace. This pivotal moment sent me on a journey of exploration and mastery that led to my life as a Spiritual Seer, and Teacher and Author.

Q: Is there anything else you would like to share with our readers today?

A: Yes, I want readers to understand that while Enchanted One contains deep messages from Spirit it is also a very practical guide to living in joy on earth.  I think sharing an excerpt from the introduction is a good way to express my passion to help people create the lives of their dreams.

From the Introduction:

In each situation, in every minute of each day, you have a choice, and the choice is always the same: “Do I choose to live from a place of love or a place of fear?”

My answer is, and always has been, love, in every situation.  This is how I have learned to create a beautiful world around me. And this is what I want to share with you.

By no means am I asking you to live in an illusion or a bubble. You are a practical, rational being. You face life head-on. The lessons in this book are about embracing, not escaping. When you embrace the full spectrum of your emotions, increasing your awareness and moving deep into your shadows, you allow yourself to live in the power of unconditional love. This is how you will create the beautiful world your heart desires.

Over the past centuries, the heart-centered teachings of the divine feminine have been buried — not lost, but simply hidden until we as a collective group of souls on Earth were ready to understand and embrace them. We are ready now.

Whether you are aware of this or not, you are ready now, which is why your heart led you here.

This is the perfect moment for you to open your heart and receive the profound message of love that you have been seeking for so long. You are about to embark on a journey of unconditional love — the journey of the open heart.

My wish is to help others to open to the beauty, love and joy that is all around them in this moment.


Sheila Applegate:  As a clinical therapist, motivational presenter, author & teacher, Sheila’s passion is to provide a forum for people to process emotion & integrate spiritual understanding into their daily lives. Her new book, Enchanted One: The Portal to Love, provides readers with a guide to embracing love in every moment.

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