Get Your Life on the Right Track!

A wise person once said “No one gets to the Olympics without a coach, so why would you try to win your best life without one?

Car as Metaphor for Coaching 
You may have read from my life how I have had some pretty interesting experiences while driving my car, such as three totaled cars and some really close calls.
The car is a great metaphor for life, when it is tuned up, taken care of, and give the right fuel, it can literally take you anywhere you want to go.

The challenge comes if we neglect it in anyway, then we can find ourselves stranded, parked or like, me “wrecked.” Then it can feel like Life is running us over with challenges, pain, and  disappointments.

Where Are You Headed?
Just like a car that is designed to move and travel, you are the vehicle for how your life is designed. 
When we travel on cruise control, aka autopilot, the events of our lives flash by like white lines on the freeway, without learning our soul’s lessons. Until we wake up from our TRANCE, start paying attention, consciously learning, and listening to our inner gps system, we may end up somewhere we really don’t want to be.

The way I see and have experienced it, you can take yourself to heaven on earth or hell on earth.
Since YOU are so powerful, it makes sense how to take care of yourself, don’t ya think?

Pretend YOU are the vehicle that moves you around in this life.
YOU have everything you need to have a fabulously fun and fulfilling adventure.
You have the master key—your soul which has your best interests at heart.
When you listen to your soul’s song, the music is all the comfort you will need during those dark nights of feeling lost and confused.
Your mind is the receiving unit that directs your actions or non-actions.
When you let the divine supply you with higher quality thought energy, everything brightens and your road becomes clearly lit with plenty of signs, symbols, and synchronicities.

Arrive on Time When Your Soul is in Charge
Your soul knows who you are, why you are here, where you are going and will get you to your destination right on schedule; that is, as long as your soul is in the “driver’s seat.”

When the ego is driving, you will end up in all kinds of detours, dead-ends and disappointing ‘ego trips.’
Your intuition is your personal gps system that will guide you in the right direction when you pay attention to it.

Beliefs, emotions, and decisions are aspects that make up your engine, and what creates your reality in this world.
Nurturance and support is like fuel to a car engine…it fills you up so you can tap into your source energy and act on what you already know deep down inside.

Remember the scientist from Back to the Future, and his famous flux capacitor?!
That invention worked because he had the right car, equipment, and set of beliefs that caused a collapse in time and space where travel became possible. How did he know it would work? I believe he was being guided by the Divine (since most creative types are tapped into a higher source.)

And You Are Smart Enough to Have a Map and a Guide
As your coach, I am the conduit (or flux capacitor, if you will) between the Divine, YOU, and unlimited possibilities. Our trinity of energy gets activated, your perception shifts and you realize that anything is truly possible, and that is when miracles begin to manifest easily and effortlessly!

Be smart and learn more about this amazingly effective way of helping you experience the life of your dreams.

Is it time to give yourself a tune-up? Just like a car needs regularly scheduled maintenance to enhance its performance, coaching is like fuel for your soul, where you will receive focus, vision, purpose, and power, and is the best investment you can make in yourself.

Get moving and zipping along like the pink cadillac that you are meant to be.  Soul Coaching is something that must be experienced to be understood, so why not start by scheduling Your Soul Activation Session.


Just as your car runs smoothly and requires less energy to go faster and farther—when the wheels are in perfect alignment,
you perform better when your thoughts, feelings, goals,
and values are in balance. —Brian Tracy