Find Your Light and Shine It!

Every person who has performed amazing feats, discovered something useful for the world, entertained us through their artistic or athletic expression, and who live what most consider “the life” are no different than you in numerous ways.

The one way they might be different, though, is that they did not let their obstacles, “stories,” or excuses stop them from living the life they were born to live.  They made being who the are their #1 priority … it drove every decision they made, even when that choice had some unknowns and fears attached.

What if Oprah Winfrey had allowed her childhood abuse to prevent her from becoming a media mogul who helps transform people all over the planet? It could have easily become her reason for not shining in the world.

Beethoven went deaf … and yet he went on to create beautiful music that lives on to this very day. Why? Because creating music was who he WAS, not just something he did.

What if Lance Armstrong had believed he would never be a champion again once his testicular cancer was discovered, and worse yet, spread into his brain.

Your life can be amazing, joyful, and prosperous once you know who you truly are and live your life with passion and purpose.

There is a split second that we all experience daily — usually dozens of times a day.

It’s a little flicker where we are given an opportunity to choose — we can go down our usual path or we can choose something new.

It is like a little dot of light asking you to notice it. That’s your true self — your higher self — calling you up. It’s asking you to be willing to be yourself. It’s asking you to go deeper, to move past your story of why your life isn’t full and abundant and find your light.

Are you open to the idea that you are perfect just the way you are and an ideal life is waiting for you — whatever your definition of that is?
Are you willing to discover what that path is?

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Michelle L. Casto AKA Bright Michelle is a woman on a mission. Throughout her 20-year career, this powerhouse of personal transformation has been known as a spiritual teacher, author, healer, Guru, Soul Coach, consciousness shifter, Lightworker, and overall “Bright Light.”  An author of over 30 life empowerment books, her first book Destined For Love: A Step by Step Guide to Attracting Your Soul Mate was featured in Cosmopolitan Magazine in 1999.  A former university Lecturer in career development, and author of the book Get Your Career on the Fast Track, Michelle has worked with thousands of international clientel to find their ideal career path. These days, Michelle’s mission is to awaken people to their life purpose through her unique Destiny Success Process. Her book The Destiny Discovery: Find Your Soul’s Path to Success is coming to Amazon on January 17th, 2012.

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