Destiny Discoverer-Shann Vander Leek, Transformation Goddess

Welcome to our 11 day Odyssey of Interviews called ”Destiny Discoverers”  
These are people that I have personally invited to play because I sense their
big heart, 
and ability to succeed  on their path of Purpose… we continue with interview #6, Shann Vander Leek .  I admire her mission to help women be the
Goddesses that they are and to live life on your unique Soul’s terms.  She is a shining example of leaving behind your “default reality” and stepping into your Destiny. 

What were the stepping stones that allowed you to step into your True Purpose/Destiny?
The first major step or change that allowed me to step into my truth was the birth of my daughter. The second was practicing Yoga and gaining the awareness of wanting to make a difference in the world. As much as I liked leading and coaching my sales force, I no longer had an interest in selling commercial advertising time. The third step was a regime change at my place of employment. The micro-scrutiny was incredibly irritating after 9 years of being left to do my job and make the company fat cash. I simply had to get my plans together to leap from conventional security to unconventional wisdom. The last step before moving forward included a trip to Mexico with my husband to discuss a the shift and how this decision would effect our lifestyle. My husband’s unconditional love and support was and still is an incredible gift.

What did you have to let go of in order to truly follow your path?

 I walked away from a six-figure income with all of the trappings to follow my entrepreneurial path. I let go of a high-powered job and the only professional identity I’d ever known. I let go of the need to “do the right thing and hunker down”. I let go of the politics that came with my role in the rat race. I let go of an unhealthy circle of influence. I could write a 1000 word blog post on all that I let go of, and then some. To fully experience liberation, you have to be willing to walk away from the lifestyle you’ve grown accustomed to living. The spacious energy of letting go supported me to discover my dharma/destiny. My full transition story, Walking Away From the Big Bucks in the Pursuit of True Balance can be found on my website. 
What did you say yes to?
 I said yes to my life. I said yes to my family. I said yes to my divine feminine sovereignty. I said yes to my creativity. I said yes to driving a stick shift! I said yes to rocking my truth, following my passion and reveling in my true calling.  I said yes to creating my life on my own terms! YES YES YES!
What were the key actions you took to start creating the destiny you wanted to experience for yourself?
 The key steps I made to become an entrepreneur and transformational coach began with a close inspection of my finances and a giant mind-map. I interviewed a professional coach about my chosen profession. I earned my Coach Training Alliance coaching certification. I hired an extraordinary transition coach.  It’s interesting to look back at all that was involved in creating my new business. At the time, I face my fears, made a punch list and went for it!  The result is True Balance International. Almost 6 years after starting my new life as an entrepreneur, I am coaching professional women in transition. I wrote a book, Life on Your Terms, created several websites, became a three-time best selling co-author, earned my yoga teaching certificate and created several coaching products like the Life On Your Terms Series,  Creating supportive transformational offerings like The Transformation Goddess Experience keeps me engaged. I am inspired to share my light with as many people as I can.
What is one key nugget of wisdom you wish to share from your journey? 
 It’s never too soon, nor too late to follow your passion. Open your heart and get moving.

About Destiny Discoverer Shann Vander Leek
Unconventional and delightfully curious; Shann Vander Leek is the founder of True Balance International, co-founder of Anxiety Slayer, author of Life on Your Terms, and creator of the Transformation Goddess Experience. She is a transformational coach who provides the support you need to live your truth, rock your passion and revel in your true calling.

***Michelle L. Casto is The Destiny Diva, Success Catalyst and Prolific Author.  Read her latest book upon which the series was created The Destiny Discovery:  Find Your Soul’s Path to Success.  


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  1. ShannV says:

    Hi Michelle, Thanks so much for the opportunity to share my story! It’s never too soon, nor too late to follow your passion!

  2. I completely agree with you….your story shows that when we choose with our hearts, the Universe brings the people and opportunities we need to get and stay on our path. Go Transformation Goddess! You have only just begun…..


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