Destiny Discoverer Sark, Bestselling Author and Succulent Wild Woman

Welcome to our 11 day Odyssey of Interviews called ”Destiny Discoverers”  
These are people that I have personally invited to play because I sense their big heart, open mind, and ability to succeed  on their path of Purpose. Today we are talking with SARK, bestselling author and living JUICY expert.  I admire her mission to help people live more BOLD, COLORFUL, Authentic Lives.  She is highly successful, known throughout the world, and a true inspiration. If you have seen her books , they are very colorful, right-brained and heartfelt.  I whole-heartedly agree with her philosophy of having internal processes that allow you to take care of yourself and see that as essential to Life Success.  

What were the stepping stones that allowed you to step into your True Purpose/Destiny?
Asking, believing, visualizing, having faith. These are the steps I practice to allow miracles to happen. I’ve learned to ask for whatever I want, and trust that the universe wants me to have it. I do transformative practices and processes that I’ve created everyday, in order to allow the miracles to flow and expand. A main component of these transformations is my inner Wise Self- which is activated and empowered in my life. This allows me to make decisions from a place of deep knowing and wisdom. And when it doesn’t feel that way, I know how to pretty quickly get back to a centered place.

I had a grandfather who told me: “Do everything you can think of doing, so you know what you don’t want to do for the rest of your life.” So I had 250 different jobs from the age of 14 to 26. These jobs made my devotion to creative thinking and living an integral part of my being.

What did you have to let go of in order to truly follow your path?
I used to be the worst procrastinator! I would get all these books on a subject, and then of course, wouldn’t read them! My mind moved in great gulps and I would scare myself to death before ever beginning. I would leap into the future – “How will I ever publish this?”, or defeating “What If” questions.

So often, we are stifled by an immediate inner censor – “Oh, I couldn’t do that” or “That won’t ever work”, etc. These thoughts effectively stop us so we don’t even have to try. I now know that creative thought is a process that can be learned, practiced, and expanded. And now I have feelings care systems in place- including how to care and transform inner critics- so that these aspects of me are not the decision makers! Instead, it is my adult self and my inner Wise Self, guiding and mentoring me- with fantastic results!

What did you say yes to?
To my inner Wise Self, to the energy of creativity, to playfullness, to relaxation, to joyFULLness, simply and delightedly – to LIFE itself! I am in the most fabulous long term love affair with myself and with life and all that it contains.

What were the key actions you took to start creating the destiny you wanted to experience for yourself?
What’s helped me free my creative spirit and keep it free:

*Empowering and activating my inner Wise Self

*Developing and creating transformative practices and processes, like 3 Part Harmony, MicroMOVEments, 5 Point Process, the Marvelous Messy Middle- and then doing these on a daily basis

*Belief in miracles – experience and practice (we are always on our way to a miracle!)

*Visualization – imagery in my mind; writing or drawing a picture of what I want. (I drew a picture of a “magic cottage” with a garden, and 2 weeks later, I moved in!)

*Relaxation – stretching, napping, dreaming- REST is absolutely necessary

*Affirmation – positive, supportive thoughts contributing to self-love, and knowing how to care for the feelings that don’t feel like this;-)

*Serenity – spiritual practice and self-healing- and being receptive to other dimensions

*Support system – a circle of fabulous, talented, funny, loving friends and family. Both family of choice and of origin. Being awake to the world and people I haven’t yet met

*Reading – pleasure reading especially. Voluminous, voracious, insatiable for BOOKS of all kinds.

*Developing a habit of completion – frees me to do more wonderfull things!

What is one key nugget of wisdom you wish to share from your journey?
Provide quiet, creative time for yourSELF everyday. I call this practicing exquisite Self love & care. Learn to celebrate your Self. You are outrageously wonderFULL and delightfully imperfect! Give yourself permission to follow your heart and fully embrace the journey that you choose. And be willing to do your tranformative practices and processes. Any healing work you do, contributes to us all.

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