Imagine a “No Complaints Reality”–How Awesome Would That Be!

You are invited to Join the “No Complaint Lent”……its a free challenge and happening on my Facebook fan page.  with myself and many others as we commit to replacing complaining with blessing and expressing gratitude. Here are some success tips for everyone : -Focus on one area in particular where you do your biggest complaining. […] Read more »

Be a Featured Destiny Discoverer! New Contest

Wow…we are mid-way through our 11 Day Odyssey of Destiny Discoverers Interviews…are you loving the interviews as much as I am? Don’t you just love reading inspiring stories of people and discovering how they took a risk to follow their hearts to success?    We are getting the behind the scenes look at what it takes […] Read more »

Destiny Discoverer-Edie Weinstein, The Bliss Mistress

Welcome back to the 11 day Odyssey of Interviews called ”Destiny Discoverers”   These are people that I have personally invited to play because I sense their big heart, open mind, and ability to succeed  on their path of Purpose… we begin with interview #4, Edie Weinstein, someone I recently have come to know about because of our mutual […] Read more »