Destiny Radio Interview…..Listen Now!

This was such an inspiring call that the hosts wanted me to share with you guys.  An hour long of content-rich insight into living your True Destiny in life:  we discuss how to get past the mental monsters of fear and doubt, and begin listening to and trusting your heart. < Click here to listen […] Read more »

Video to Show How To “Change Your Mind” & Form New Thought Patterns

What If Changing Your Reality is as Simple as Changing the Way You Think? I always say, transformation is just a new thought away.  Brain science is now enabling us to see exactly what it looks like when we form new neural pathways.  Watch this amazing short video and challenge yourself to write down 3 […] Read more »

Destiny Discoverer-Michelle Casto, The Destiny Diva, Success Catalyst and Author

We end this amazing Destiny Discoverers series with yours truly!   I hope you have enjoyed reading it as much as I have enjoyed connecting with all the amazing experts. I realized I had not given you insight into my own journey,and exactly what it took for me to transform myself several times, first from […] Read more »

Destiny Discoverer-Alicia Power, The Soul Whisperer and Healer

Welcome to our 11 day Odyssey of Interviews called ”Destiny Discoverers”   These are people that I have personally invited to play because I sense their big heart, open mind, and ability to succeed  on their path of Purpose… we begin with interview #2, Alicia Power, someone I have known about for a few years from social media.  I […] Read more »

Answers to Your Questions about SOUL

My friend Carl Bozeman (@CarlBozeman on Twitter) asked me a couple of questions that I thought you might like to hear the answer to them: What is our “soul,” how do you discover it and how do you integrate it with the human experience?  The Soul is the spiritual essence within your physical form. It […] Read more »

The Happiness Declaration :)

Success and Happiness is a feeling every human being on this planet desires in their heart of hearts. And yet most of us look for happiness in all the wrong places and end up causing ourselves more suffering. This is because we are looking outside of ourselves for some thing or some one to bring […] Read more »

Find Your Light and Shine It!

Every person who has performed amazing feats, discovered something useful for the world, entertained us through their artistic or athletic expression, and who live what most consider “the life” are no different than you in numerous ways. The one way they might be different, though, is that they did not let their obstacles, “stories,” or […] Read more »