Fall Abundant Change Agent Academy

FALL ACADEMY NOW OPEN FOR ENROLLMENT The Abundant Change Agent Academy isn’t going to be one of those teleseminar series where we chat and then offer up a “program” for more.  Nope…you get the more right there!  On each call you’ll get all kinds of information — and even some experiential exercises — plus some useful […] Read more »

Which Pathway Will You Choose?

In my book, The Destiny Discovery:  Find Your Soul’s Path to Success, I discuss the different levels of consciousness……here I would like to share the two most basic levels. Read through each list and determine which you will choose for your Reality Creation. Density Consciousness duality:  right/wrong, black/white linear thinking Brain IQ Judgement psychology of […] Read more »

Access Your Greatest Potential

What is potential? It is what you are capable of becoming.  It is new possibilities.  It is what you were born with.  It is what is in your DNA.  It is also what exists all around you in the field of infinite intelligence. Potential is something each of us has access to. And We must […] Read more »

The Four Levels of Your Purpose

Great to see you again….let’s complete our idea about “false purpose” Four Levels of Purpose: Default: This level reflects the relationships or jobs that you “fall into” with little conscious choice. Pseudo: This level looks deceptively like you are on purpose but your Soul is probably not engaged, and you do it more for external […] Read more »