Get Your Life on the Right Track!

A wise person once said “No one gets to the Olympics without a coach, so why would you try to win your best life without one?” Car as Metaphor for Coaching  You may have read from my life how I have had some pretty interesting experiences while driving my car, such as three totaled cars and some really […] Read more »

The Happiness Declaration :)

Success and Happiness is a feeling every human being on this planet desires in their heart of hearts. And yet most of us look for happiness in all the wrong places and end up causing ourselves more suffering. This is because we are looking outside of ourselves for some thing or some one to bring […] Read more »

Build a Blissful, Soul-Based Business

Are you currently running a ego-driven or soul-aligned business?  Below is a chart that will help you determine to what degree you are currently operating from your heart and soul. Ego-Driven Soul-Aligned Want to Win. Want Win-Win-Win Focused on what you are not getting. Focused on what you are giving/contributing. Selling Serving Seeking approval sales/clients. […] Read more »

Discover If Your Soul is at Work

Confucius once said, “Choose a career you love and you will never work another day in your life.” If you think about this, what a different experience we could have in our work lives. If we actually loved the work we were doing, it wouldn’t seem so much like our traditional concept of work (drudgery/pain). […] Read more »

What is Your Labor of Love?

What is Your Labor of Love? The thing you are gifted to do that expresses your deepest and most essential self that you MUST Do. Rumi once said, “work is love made visible.” What a powerful and true statement.   You know how wonderful it feels when someone loves who she is and what she does—just […] Read more »

The Stepping Stone of Change

In my forthcoming book, The Destiny Discovery: Find Your Soul’s Path to Success, I share the concept of stepping stones to Destiny.  Today we are looking at CHANGE. My whole life has been sort of tumultous and full of changes and challenges, which I am thankful for, because it gives me the skills required to […] Read more »

The Stepping Stone of Choice

In my forthcoming book, The Destiny Discovery:  Find Your Soul’s Path to Success, I share the idea that there are stepping stones to Destiny. Today, I would like to discuss the idea of CHOICE. Dorothy Gilman once said, “It is when we make choices that we sit with the gods and design ourselves.” With all […] Read more »

The RX For Your Soul Ache–Part I

Most people miss or mis-identify their true purpose in life which leads to a soul and heart-ache sort of existence. Is this you? You have tried many other paths and you have found they lead you in circles, getting you nowhere that you want to be. You see that the path of purpose is the […] Read more »

What Do You Think About Destiny?

A new book about “destiny” is calling to my soul, The Destiny Discovery: Find Your Soul’s Path to Success, (release date Jan 17, 2012) which has me all “turned on” with excitement. For the last decade, I have been thinking and researching about this topic in depth. There are so many opposing views about it:  For […] Read more »

Access Your Greatest Potential

What is potential? It is what you are capable of becoming.  It is new possibilities.  It is what you were born with.  It is what is in your DNA.  It is also what exists all around you in the field of infinite intelligence. Potential is something each of us has access to. And We must […] Read more »