Independent Book Review for the Destiny Discovery

The Destiny Discovery:  Find Your Soul’s Path to Success Reviewed by Trevor Mayes by The basis of this self-help book is a mixture of a belief in, or relationship with, a God or Spirit and oneself. The introduction entitled ‘from the author’ explains and clarifies the wording used in describing these principles so they […] Read more »

Ultimate Destiny Discovery Home Study Now Available

If you do not discover what your unique path to destiny is, you will  unknowingly set yourself up for settling  for less than your heart’s desires, and may even experience a lifetime of  aimless-ness and “looking for yourself where you are not.”  You will never feel like the whole, complete, and confident human being you were […] Read more »

How to Get Past Resistance

Q:  Once we discover our destiny, how do you recommend getting past the resistance to living it? Resistance is what stands between the life you live and the unlived life within you. When I experienced the greatest resistance was when I made the biggest break through inmy life and career. On a deep level, I knew […] Read more »

Build a Blissful, Soul-Based Business

Are you currently running a ego-driven or soul-aligned business?  Below is a chart that will help you determine to what degree you are currently operating from your heart and soul. Ego-Driven Soul-Aligned Want to Win. Want Win-Win-Win Focused on what you are not getting. Focused on what you are giving/contributing. Selling Serving Seeking approval sales/clients. […] Read more »

Discover If Your Soul is at Work

Confucius once said, “Choose a career you love and you will never work another day in your life.” If you think about this, what a different experience we could have in our work lives. If we actually loved the work we were doing, it wouldn’t seem so much like our traditional concept of work (drudgery/pain). […] Read more »

The Universal Laws of Wealth Creation–Audio Blog

Happy New Energy-It’s Almost Officially 2012! (Although the new energy of Change and Living on Purpose are already here). With all the economic chaos in our world and because so many people fail to follow their true path because of finances, I decided to create an audio blog that outlines the 4 Wealth Creation  Tips […] Read more »

Book Trailer Video

NOW RELEASED on amazon in paperback and KINDLE! Discover the Treasure Within You…with this brand new book . Leave your comments below….we would love to know what you resonate with! Spread the light! Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Share on FriendFeed Share on Linkedin share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet […] Read more »

What is Your Labor of Love?

What is Your Labor of Love? The thing you are gifted to do that expresses your deepest and most essential self that you MUST Do. Rumi once said, “work is love made visible.” What a powerful and true statement.   You know how wonderful it feels when someone loves who she is and what she does—just […] Read more »

The Path of Least Resistance

Deepak Chopra said Dharma is destiny w/out any hint of compulsion of force. It is the path of least resistance. The path that brings the greatest fulfillment. Now isn’t this great news?  This means when things come easy, you are going in the right direction. Of course, there will be obstacles and challenges, but things […] Read more »

The Stepping Stone of Choice

In my forthcoming book, The Destiny Discovery:  Find Your Soul’s Path to Success, I share the idea that there are stepping stones to Destiny. Today, I would like to discuss the idea of CHOICE. Dorothy Gilman once said, “It is when we make choices that we sit with the gods and design ourselves.” With all […] Read more »