When the Going Gets Tough, the Smart Get Support

When I talk with some of you…..I am amazed at the courage and strength many of you have in the face of “real-world” challenges and changes…..divorce, financial set backs, work that sucks the soul right out of you. Times certainly are challenging, but really, no more challenging than other times, except that now it’s US […] Read more »

Answers to Your Questions about SOUL

My friend Carl Bozeman (@CarlBozeman on Twitter) asked me a couple of questions that I thought you might like to hear the answer to them: What is our “soul,” how do you discover it and how do you integrate it with the human experience?  The Soul is the spiritual essence within your physical form. It […] Read more »

How to Get Past Resistance

Q:  Once we discover our destiny, how do you recommend getting past the resistance to living it? Resistance is what stands between the life you live and the unlived life within you. When I experienced the greatest resistance was when I made the biggest break through inmy life and career. On a deep level, I knew […] Read more »

Let Your LOVE LIGHT Shine

It’s Valentine’s Time,, time to let your Love Light Shine.  This is a picture of my soul mate on our wedding day 9-11-11…..many of you have asked me how did I meet My Mr. Wonderful?  And in my book Destined for Love, I reveal my exact process.  (more on that at bottom of today’s blog)……. […] Read more »

Find Your Light and Shine It!

Every person who has performed amazing feats, discovered something useful for the world, entertained us through their artistic or athletic expression, and who live what most consider “the life” are no different than you in numerous ways. The one way they might be different, though, is that they did not let their obstacles, “stories,” or […] Read more »

Three Signs You Are Shifting to a Higher Consciousness


You may or may not be aware, we (humanity) is going through a major shift in consciousness, moving away from ego based reality creation to soul-centered living where we are on purpose and living our destiny.  Here are 3 signs that you may be shifting! Lack of desire to do, do, do.  You just don’t […] Read more »