Video to Show How To “Change Your Mind” & Form New Thought Patterns

What If Changing Your Reality is as Simple as Changing the Way You Think? I always say, transformation is just a new thought away.  Brain science is now enabling us to see exactly what it looks like when we form new neural pathways.  Watch this amazing short video and challenge yourself to write down 3 […] Read more »

Transformational Thinking: You can Change Anytime You Choose.

“You are the cause and the cure of your life experiences.” —Michelle L. Casto You are not what has happened to  you, you choose who you become.  You choose the interpretation of everything that happens to you, and thus become, as it were, “the author of your own success story.” At any moment of any […] Read more »

When the Going Gets Tough, the Smart Get Support

When I talk with some of you…..I am amazed at the courage and strength many of you have in the face of “real-world” challenges and changes…..divorce, financial set backs, work that sucks the soul right out of you. Times certainly are challenging, but really, no more challenging than other times, except that now it’s US […] Read more »

Three Signs You Are Shifting to a Higher Consciousness


You may or may not be aware, we (humanity) is going through a major shift in consciousness, moving away from ego based reality creation to soul-centered living where we are on purpose and living our destiny.  Here are 3 signs that you may be shifting! Lack of desire to do, do, do.  You just don’t […] Read more »