The Eleven Reasons Why We Do What We Do and Don’t Do What We Could Do

1.    Because of the POS)  Personal Operating System we use.—What is your POS? Does it need an upgrade?   2.    Because of the Personal Environment Surrounding Us—You are most like the five books you last read, five people you spend the most time with, and the five places you consistently live and/or travel.   3.    […] Read more »

Let Your LOVE LIGHT Shine

It’s Valentine’s Time,, time to let your Love Light Shine.  This is a picture of my soul mate on our wedding day 9-11-11…..many of you have asked me how did I meet My Mr. Wonderful?  And in my book Destined for Love, I reveal my exact process.  (more on that at bottom of today’s blog)……. […] Read more »

Am I Your Divine Appointment?

A very important concept in my book, The Destiny Discovery: Find Your Soul’s Path to Success  is that we have “divine appointments” with people that are meant to help us get where we are meant to go.  Here is a direct quote from the book, “Destiny works in partnership with the people in our lives and we […] Read more »

Book Trailer Video

NOW RELEASED on amazon in paperback and KINDLE! Discover the Treasure Within You…with this brand new book . Leave your comments below….we would love to know what you resonate with! Spread the light! Bookmark on Delicious Digg this post Recommend on Facebook Share on FriendFeed Share on Linkedin share via Reddit Share with Stumblers Tweet […] Read more »

What is Your Labor of Love?

What is Your Labor of Love? The thing you are gifted to do that expresses your deepest and most essential self that you MUST Do. Rumi once said, “work is love made visible.” What a powerful and true statement.   You know how wonderful it feels when someone loves who she is and what she does—just […] Read more »

Which Pathway Will You Choose?

In my book, The Destiny Discovery:  Find Your Soul’s Path to Success, I discuss the different levels of consciousness……here I would like to share the two most basic levels. Read through each list and determine which you will choose for your Reality Creation. Density Consciousness duality:  right/wrong, black/white linear thinking Brain IQ Judgement psychology of […] Read more »