Can You Really Be on the WRONG Path in life?

A common Question  I receive is “Can you really be on the “wrong path in life?”

In the ultimate, cosmic sense not really…because there really is nothing wrong in life.  You are given opportunities to choose what you moves you forward, what keeps you where you are, or even to fall back into old patterns.  This path is for those who are not quite ready to learn as quickly as others. 

In a 3d reality sense, yes, sort of…because when you are on the right path you would not have to ask that question.  You are just rolling along, putting one foot in front of the other. 

Although we are always on our “path”—we have to use our free will to fulfill that path to the fullest expression possible. And that takes making courageous choices, making changes that lead you in a new direction.  For this reason, many people are actually missing THE Path that will get them where they truly want to go with more ease and grace.

In my book The Destiny Discovery:  Find  Your Soul’s Path to Success, I discuss the 4 levels of Purpose.  The first three (default, pseudo, and personality purposes) are created by the limited self/ego.  It is only the final level, that of Destiny that is created by our Soul. 

Playing life at this level is not for the faint of heart, that is why I have created a new, low-cost, high transformation program to help those ready to access their innate courage and begin expressing it in who they are, what they do, and how they live.

Remember Life is essentially a game, and the more choices that you make that move you forward, the more “points” you win in terms of fun, fulfillment, and freedom.

What I have seen is that those who have accessed their Inner Courage, are moving quickly and easily on their TRUE Path in Life.

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