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Coaching testimonials for life success coach

“Want help discovering your Destiny? I recommend Michelle Casto to help you dig deeper into who you are and let go of your story of what’s been holding you back.    She is one of the most empowering Spiritual Coaches on the planet.”
—Elizabeth Grant, Songwriter and Spiritual Mentor

“Michelle’s coaching helped me to piece together the puzzle of my best life and become much more discerning and self-determining. I am excited about what’s possible  again!”–Peggy Woodward, Business Executive

“Michelle is like homeopathic medicine.  Just a little bit goes a long way. I am still processing the shifts in my consciousness from just a couple of sessions.” —Alice Geddes, Song Writer

“After you took me through the Soul Alignment Technique, I felt an incredible shift in my energy. I woke up the next day more focused and on my purpose than I had been in months. Since then, people who align with my vision have come out of nowhere. My new business increased 300% that week alone. Business owners can sometimes feel like they are going in circles in their business, your work can help them get back on the track of success swiftly and effortlessly. You are a bright light to the virtual business world!” —Debra Berndt, The Love Hypnotist –

“The “Greatness Challenge” has been an amazing experience for me and I consider myself enormously blessed to have been a part of it.  I would have never guessed the changes would be so profound.  Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom with me.
—Rhianna Humprhies   Hampton, VA

“I found that I did get clear about my life direction and that was quite a process as layers of thought patterns covered over the beauty and truth within. Michelle helped me to see some of these thought patterns and to drop them away at least for a time so as I could let my soul light shine through. I also had the realisation that my job didn’t matter or at least was not the problem and finding another job was not the solution.

“Making soul choices is different, I have dropped a day at work, begun to study herbal medicine, I meditate more and feel I am on my spiritual path. I am beginning to see that everything I do is soul work and am more open to the unfolding of each moment. I am more peaceful, joyful and while my choices may or may not result in a large income, I am dancing in the universe and it is a dance of joy. There is a sense of life unfolding like a beautiful flower that reveals its fragrance,beauty and fullness as a gift to the world.” —Katherine Mansfield, Energy Healer, Australia

“Michelle has taught me a better and more effective way to create my destiny.  I can feel a change in me in all that I do, I am more conscious, self-aware, and self-honoring.   I do things because I feel I deserve them now, and that is very new for me. ”  —Julia Miller, Minnesota

“Before working with Michelle, I was constantly searching for some magical answer, reading every book on the market, and plagued by all kinds ofCoaching client testimonials “not enough” beliefs,  and now I have stepped more fully into my personal power
and leadership.
I am in a different mindset now….it’s like we kicked the fear in the butt!  Things are falling in place as if by magic
I am moving forward with my art.
It’s amazing to see more successful people and opportunities showing up in my life!
My possibilities are wide open and I am seriously considering having an art exhibit!  Coaching is what has made the difference in my life.”
—Ginger Maxwell, Retired Counselor and Upcoming Artist

“Since talking to you about my Destiny, I have let go of the doubt and been more naturally motivated, and feel like I am dancing with my purpose. It’s at the top of my mind and I am just “led” to do what I am meant to do.  It’s wonderful to feel this way.”
—Sally Timons, Health Education

“It’s like you shined a magical light upon me revealing the “Real Me.”  I will be forever grateful.”  —Katy Smith, Teacher

“I really appreciate your declaration last night regarding being a “light worker” and letting your light shine. It really clarified and energized me in the path I am embarking on.   It really resonated with me when you said, we were not meant to be invisible, that we were not born to live small or just fit-in….but to shine our light.”  —Dave Hanna, Nebraska

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