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Dear Success Seeker,

Everyone on this planet wants to feel successful and happy. We long to do work that we love to do, enjoy excellent health/vitality, spend quality time with loved ones, connecting on a heart to heart level. So what stops us? For most people, it is failure to learn anything new. Like I said, everyone wants to be master of their life and make things happen, to be the captain of their own “ship of happiness and success.” But not everyone is willing to learn what to do (or not do), who to be (or not be) to graduate from what I call a “default life” to a divine life.

If you are reading this, then, you Know there is something more for you to experience and you are the kind of person who is ready and willing to learn a better way of living, and who wants to master your consciousness, so you can manifest more of what really want. Today is Your Day!

With this book, You Too Will Learn How to Co-Create Your Own Life Success Formula

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“The Success and Happiness book is like getting 16 books in one, as there is so much wisdom offered in each chapter. I liked that I could learn something valuable from each and every person.” —Drew Andrews, San Rafael, CA

“This book was the perfect gift for a friend, but before I gave it to her, I read it myself, and ended up keeping the original copy, and yesterday picked up 3 more copies for my other friends.” —Tina Jones, Houston, TX

“I loved the simplicity of the messages presented in this book. I loved all the different perspectives and have a much clearer idea of what keeps me stuck in my rut!”—Sheila Liah, Cleveland, OH
“Michelle, I absolutely love your chapter on soul success. It has given me a new way to look at my life. Thank you for shifting my thinking!” —Theresa Gilbert, W

Discover the Secrets of Attracting Success and Happiness by
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I believe this book will bring happiness to you when you read it.   Each contributor in this book was asked to give his or her insights on success and happiness, and each has a unique spin, with gems of wisdom sprinkled throughout. What I love about the book is that you can take a insights and perspectives from each expert and then come up with your own unique formula for life success. I have read (and written) a lot of self-help books, and this is one of my personal favorites!

From my years in the professional field of Coaching, I have learned some things about Human Beings and Success:  Most people suffer and experience a lot of stress due to accepting less than their heart’s desires in their careers, relationships, health, and wealth areas of life. These same people have untapped potential and numerous God-given gifts that they have not brought forth to share with the world.

A very small percentage (3%) are willing to do anything this, such as read a book, take a seminar or get coaching to help them break free of their self-imposed prison. Those that are willing find their freedom and expand themselves enough so that they can fulfill their soul’s purpose, experience much more success and happiness—PEOPLE LIKE YOU!
It’s an easy and inspiring book to read and each chapter provides a unique perspective. Just choose the ideas that resonate with you to create a happier, more successful life instantly.

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