Access Your Greatest Potential

What is potential?
It is what you are capable of becoming.  It is new possibilities.  It is what you were born with.  It is what is in your DNA.  It is also what exists all around you in the field of infinite intelligence.

Potential is something each of us has access to.
We must first make the decision that we want to access it.

There are 4 levels of potential says Soleira Green, a Conscious Evolutionist.

Personal potential:
what you are born with, what you do for you because that’s what you want to do.

Greater potential: what’s in your higher energy, what you do for others (people, community, organization, nation) and for a greater purpose.

Profound potential: what you do for the world; world-changing potential.

Pure potential: what you do for Life; evolutionary potential.

The most powerful life we live is when we allow our soul to fully flower, step out of our comfort zone into our courage zone, which is where our higher potential lives.

In this new Era of Enlightenment, if we do not learn to master the art of change, life will be very difficult.   The idea ‘let go or be dragged’ comes to mind.

The important thing is this, to be able to release what we are for what we can become.

We must be willing to let go of the life/career/relationships/business we “have” in order to attract the life that is meant for us.  I recently learned this myself, when I stepped more fully into “spiritual teacher,” as I had the story running in my P.O.S. (personal operating system) who am I?

I believed I was just a simple country girl from Kentucky, a first generation college student who grew up without much emotional or financial support from her family of origin.   For many years, I felt like a victim, and did not know who I really was.

Well, during my last trip to Kentucky for the Derby  (2009), I got a clear message that the underdogs of the world will rise.
Just like the long shot horse (Mine That Bird) who made history, I did not have the pedigrees or fancy breeding, and yet, desire and training can be an unstoppable force!

Another clue from the universe was my visit to Abe Lincoln’s birth place where I was reminded that he, like me, was a simple person with a good mind, a good heart.   Also like me, had experienced many, many failures before going on to change the course of history.

He once said, “I will study and prepare and one day my day will come.”

And that is how I feel.
My day is coming. (Watch for the book release 1/17/2012)
Your day is coming too.

You must reach out to meet it.

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